Advice on caping first bear

Submitted by Doug on 10/7/04 at 9:42 PM. ( )

I recieved 2 black bears today . I started to skin out the sculls but the scull is to big to strech the neck over . do I need to cut the cape futher up under the neck or should I make an incition on the top like doing a white tail . Also what is the trick to fleshing out the paws I dont know where to start on them . The customer wants a 3/4 mount .

Is there a good reference site on bears I could look at ?

Thanks for any input at all


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This response submitted by bigriverjeff on 10/7/04 at 10:03 PM. ( )

First of all you should know these things before you take on work for paying customers!~
but any way i would cut them up the back for the type of mount you are doing. as far as the paws go you must remove all bone and meat down to the claw knuckel you may slice the pad to do this then repair with epoxy after dry hope this helps
Good luck Jeff


This response submitted by George on 10/7/04 at 10:31 PM. ( )

Stick your finger in the exterior ear opening and find out where it attaches to the skull. Flip the hide over and find your finger, then cut the ear butt off the skull. The head absolutely WILL skin over if you cut those ear butts off properly.

I dont split the pads!

This response submitted by Don on 10/7/04 at 10:49 PM. ( )

I cut aroung three sides of the pad, creating a flap. I like the flap to swing to one side, cutting between the toes and pad, one side and the back side. I cut just inside the hair line so that the stiching is hidden by the hair.
This will open the toes for much easier removal of the bones and easier to flesh the pad.


This response submitted by Drew on 10/7/04 at 11:27 PM. ( )

I agree that you should have not tackled this mount for a customer before knowing what you were doing.

Anyway, you can skin a lot of the head out by going through the mouth. Then when you go up the back do as stated above and before you know it, you will reach the skinning point where you left off from going through the mouth.


This response submitted by Doug on 10/8/04 at 8:51 AM. ( )

Thanks for the input .I am not A rookie at this I do alot of small life size including wolves badgers wolverines and fox . this is the first bear i have done so was looking for some expert advice from someone who has . the ear but sound like a good place to start . I knew the pad needed to be lifted just needed to where to save some repair later. if any one nkows of some good reference pass it on.


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