Black Lacquer Panel

Submitted by Marc A on 10/8/04 at 11:57 AM. ( )

I'm mounting a Blackbuck and thinking of putting it on a Black Lacquer panel. Any opinions on if that would look good or not. The buck is light with black starting in on the sides. Ive also heard that black lacquer is hard to keep clean ?

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I'll give my opinion Marc...

This response submitted by marty on 10/10/04 at 10:01 AM. ( )

...Even though I'm just a fish guy!

Drawbacks with anything black is keeping it clean and it'll show any imperfections if the underlying wood is not perfectly smooth. Much like a black car, it better be in pristine condition or it will show.

I would think it would look fine. As long as there is some contrast (I don't know what a blackbuck looks like - lol!) But I would assume it has plenty of contrast. Also the smooth, black panel should sontrast the texture of the fur also. I think it would look nice in otherwords!

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