Tech Bond ? Torn lip on WT cape

Submitted by mrdux on 10/9/04 at 5:19 PM. ( )

I was fleshing a whitetail cape today and let the cape slip down the beam. It hung on the point of the beam in the lower lip and put a 4 inch rip starting in the hair and running toward the corner of the mouth along the lip line. I recently purchased Tech Bond and Tech Bond Plus but haven't used it. My question, is it possible to glue such a torn area, should it be sewn with a hidden stitch or a combination of both? Does the Tech Bond require a backing material such as silk span, etc? This was not how I wanted to put this product to its first use!
Thanks, Doug

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This response submitted by joe on 10/11/04 at 11:20 AM. ( )

I have used techbond with good success in all areas of the face including the lips, but let it set for up for at least 10 minutes before stressing it.For that long of a tear sew it up, as the techbond is a little hard once set, just a high octane super glue ,by the way what yr did you grad from PIT ,spring 03 here


This response submitted by mrdux on 10/11/04 at 6:31 PM. ( )

Joe, I was in the class behind yours--Dec 03. Good to hear from you.

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