need help with basic white and peroxide

Submitted by lee on 10/12/04 at 3:33 PM. ( )

just trying basic white, with Van Dykes peroxide for the first time. started with a damp skull and followed the directions step by step. mix to a consinsansty of mayonaise spread all over and let dry for 24 hrs. i cleaned it off and it isnt very white at all. am i doing somthing wrong? i checked the archives and found nothing.
thanks for any help.

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This response submitted by mike on 10/12/04 at 4:47 PM. ( )

lee, sounds like the same steps i use and mine come out ghost white

COULD be old peroxide

This response submitted by George on 10/12/04 at 9:07 PM. ( )

Go to your local beauty supply store (We have Sallies here) and buy a gallon of FRESH H2O2 in the 40% gel. Mix in the magnesium carbonate (Basic White) and then try again. Should be snow white in that amount of time.

another option

This response submitted by mrdux on 10/12/04 at 9:27 PM. ( )

Lee, the directions may say leave it on for one day but here is what I do. I use the basic white from beauty supply and 40% peroxide as mentioned above. I mix it to a paste and smear it over all the skull areas then wrap it tightly in clear plastic(saran wrap) and leave it for 4-5 days, up to a week. I just unwrapped a skull this morning that was left for 4 days and it is snow white with no damage. Don't set the skull on anything that might be damaged by the mixture foaming up and out of the plastic.Try to keep the mixture off the antlers also, it will bleach spots where it touches the dark areas around the burrs or on the rack.


This response submitted by Drew on 10/13/04 at 12:58 AM. ( )

Did you degrease the skull first?


This response submitted by mrdux on 10/13/04 at 9:23 AM. ( )

I always put degreaser and bacteriacide in my water when I boil the skull. BTW, I bring the water to a boil and back the temp down just a bit for more of a hot simmer than a boil.


This response submitted by lee on 10/13/04 at 10:45 AM. ( )

yes i degreased well in a solvent degreaser 2 days. mabey it is old but it looks better today, might take more time.

2 days isnt enough time to degrease

This response submitted by Raven on 10/17/04 at 1:13 AM. ( )

And putting a degreaser in as you are cleaning it does nothing at all to get grease out from within the bone. one week minimum - potentially longer on the piece. Don't be surprised if you get oil bleed out in the future.. just a heads up for ya.....

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