Pronghorn horn help

Submitted by Dan R on 10/23/04 at 2:19 PM. ( )

Okay, I have read the archives and I have done the following to no avail: put the horns in the guarge for a week-they were not even loose. Put them in a platic bag with a little water for a week-took them out and ran a scaple around the inside of each horn-pulled and twisted till I was worn out and they still will not come off-had some mold growing on them so next I submerged them in water and left them there for another week and these dadgum horns will NOT come off. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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This response submitted by Jim on 10/23/04 at 3:43 PM. ( )

Ron,I usually submerge dried antelope horns over night in water with a little Kemal-4,and can get them off tomorrow.Don't get discouraged.They will come off.After the soaking you did,they should be ready.Forget the scalpel and get a longer bladed knife like a parring knife(I really like the ones with a reverse curve).Cut around the base and up in as far as you can get the blade.You are trying to seperate the horn and bone core as much as you can reach with the knife.Be very mindful of what you are doing.This is an operation where a guy could stab himself if not careful.If that doesn't get it,try working an old screwdriver up in there to seperate it some more and further up in.If you can't get them after that,Put them back in the water upside down,over night.You see,sometimes the tougher to get off horns need that "seal" to be broken around the base and some space created between sheath and core so that the water can penetrate deeper and hydrate that area.Some of our methods sound very simple but the truth is,all horns were not created equal and some are just harder than others to get off.But I can promise you this-they will all come off and the water will not hurt them( I see antelope in the rain all the time and they don't wear shower caps!)If all that doesn't work,E-mail me,I'll give you my phone number and I'll talk you through it.Sometimes it takes a little back and forth dialog to get it done.


This response submitted by Bill H. on 10/23/04 at 5:17 PM. ( )

use other methods mentioned in the archives. Such as boiling for a few minutes or microwave. I understand the fear of messing up the horns, however I mount several antelope per year and horn removal is a 15 minute job. Thirty minutes and the horns are permanently back on the cores and ready to mount and I've yet to have any damage or discoloration to speak of. What discoloration that may occur at times is dealt with when you finish the horns anyway. Personally, I can't afford to "dink" around with things like that for a week. Thirty minutes, tag it, hang it, and move on. Also, regardless of method, I usually drill a small hole through the horn & core before removing so I can pin it back in it's exact place when I permanently re-attach. Hope this helps.

Just did one

This response submitted by Mr. T on 10/23/04 at 6:44 PM. ( )

I choose to slow boil the whole thing in an old turkey fryer,( only with water) I took it out and twisted and tugged and put back in a few times, after 45 minutes, they pulled off. I submerged the whole set. Fat from the skullcap saturated the horns, but a dip in lacquer thinner washed it away after I let them dry. While drying, I filled the inside of the horn with salt, after pealing and scraping the rubbery jello goop from the insides of them.

Thanks for the advise

This response submitted by Dan R on 10/23/04 at 8:41 PM. ( )

Just wanted to say thanks and I will add a little kemal-4 to the water tonight. I did not mention this but these are my own horns off the 1st goat I have ever taken and I have never mounted a pronghorn before. Tons of deer and a couple elk but never a goat. THANKS again for all the responses!


This response submitted by ze on 10/27/04 at 12:38 AM. ( )

i steam mine put bricks in the bottom of the pan to keep horns out of the water and then cover with another pan for 5 to 15 min take them out tap them with a rubber hammer pull and twist. after i get the horns of i put the skull plate back in with sal soda and salt ( 1 cup per gal.

Got em Off

This response submitted by Dan R on 10/28/04 at 12:36 PM. ( )

Yep, finally got em off, now to get the stink out. THANKS A BUNCH!

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