boiling skulls

Submitted by kris on 11/8/04 at 6:30 PM. ( )

I was wondering if theres anything i can do about a European mount of a deer that has been over boiled and fell apart on the nose part?

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This response submitted by Joe on 11/8/04 at 6:47 PM. ( )

I'd suggest shooting another buck and trying it again...

Glue and Glue

This response submitted by Raven on 11/8/04 at 6:59 PM. ( )

Degrease your skull.

Then whiten it if your customer or you desire.

Glue each component back together with 5 minute epoxy making sure to use it sparingly and leave no visible drips.

Then soak the entire thing in a 50/50 mix of water and white glue. You will need to do this to consolidate it as you may end up with chalkiness in time if you skip this step.

Then read the archives here or go to and read up on "maceration" and avoid ever putting your skulls in a pot of hot water again. Regardless of being fast - it is the worst way to prepare a quality skull.

Hope that helps =)


This response submitted by J Scanlan on 11/8/04 at 10:52 PM. ( )

Kris, also remember that on deer species it is very common that the nasal bone and the maxilla do come out easy. So to glue is not uncommon for deer species. Another thing to remember that the younger the deer the chances of the fissures (the seam between bones) being grown together is lower. Meaning that the chances of the skull or pieces of the skull coming apart is also greater. So like Raven stated "Glue and Glue".


This response submitted by J on 11/11/04 at 9:40 PM. ( )

next time use beetle cleansing, charge alot of $$$$ the trick is to find the ones who know and reconize the quality. $$$$$ will not matter to those reconize!

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