420 Bull on a semi-sneak form...Ahhhhh!

Submitted by Tamie on 11/15/04 at 1:10 PM. ( tamie@runningbuck.com )

I have a customer who shot a 420 bull and wants it mounted on a semi-sneak form (which he calls alert). He showed me pictures of a friends bull that the customer's wife really likes and so she wants it mounted the same way. Well, the friends bull is an average 5 point. My customers bull makes it look like a baby. I know there will be serious antler clearance problems, and I'm not talking just a few inches. I've tried convincing this customer to go with the sneak (antler clearance) or sharp (90 degree) turn, so far he's still holding his ground. I did some searching through the past forums and found lots of great info on altering, but I'm concerned that for this big bull the amount of altering I will have to do will make the finished mount look strangly misshapened. Have any of you dealt with this kind of situation, and how did it turn out? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Jonas or cut

This response submitted by jim Marsico on 11/15/04 at 1:59 PM. ( mvartistry@qwest.net )

Use a Lg. signature series Jonas semi sneak. These are large forms and the rack should clear. If not just saw the form just right in front of the shoulders all the way in half. Make the gap you need and hold in place with log rods or long log cabin type nails. Tape off the open gap with plastic bags and pour in foam then file and finish and mount. Leave all the nails and rods in. The neck if done this way will not look long. I mount about 70 bulls every year; this is year 32 for me. www.mountainvalleyartistry.com


This response submitted by George on 11/15/04 at 2:50 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

Aside from the good info jim gave you, after the form is altered and BEFORE you start mounting it, install the anlters and set the base of the form on the floor FLAT. If the antlers prevent you from setting the form flat, they'll also prevent you from hanging it on the wall. I do all my big elk this way as I don't want any surprises when I take it off that mounting stand.

Tip the head

This response submitted by Evelyn on 11/15/04 at 8:17 PM. ( )

you could also tip the head down a bit. In other words change the angle of the head. This will bring up the antlers. It does not have to be tipped much, a couple of inches will most likely give you the clearance you need.

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