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Submitted by rob on 11/22/04 at 3:27 PM. ( )

Good afternoon everybody. I have a customer that wants the bottom jaw left on the euro but wants it still to attach to the wall. My question is, I have done antelope with the bottom still attached and have used a brass rod to extend from the plaque to make this work but with this elk he is about a 360 bull so he has got some weight on him, and I don't think the brass rod would support it. I want to know if anybody else has had to do this and how they went about it. I am looking from something with a real clean look to it. That in advance for the help

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A raised Plaque might be your ticket

This response submitted by Roland on 11/22/04 at 8:14 PM. ( )

While working in Germany,I mounted several smaller stag rags on an altered version of a Moufflon Plaque.You start with a wall board with a "neck" shaped board attached at a 90degree angle.depending on the client we cut a groove to fit the board into the back of the skull and screw it on with screws.Others we shaped the neck-board to fit the skull and used a metal bracket to screw on the skull.This allows you to position the skull for the best display angle.Hope to have helped you out a bit,and good luck.

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