skull disinfecting

Submitted by kevin on 11/24/04 at 10:44 AM. ( )

Thanks to you guys and that search button,I have completed several skull mounts. My only question is how can I disinfect them after I have bleached them with peroxide. I used the paste with the peroxide and it really doesn't get up inside good. Can I dip them in a gallon of water with about a cup of bleach in it. Just want to kill all germs. Thanks.

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Liquid peroxide

This response submitted by Evelyn on 11/24/04 at 1:18 PM. ( )

Submerge them in liquid peroxide instead of the paste. Works just as great and gets into the complete skull, inside and out.

No bleach!

This response submitted by Wolfwoman on 11/24/04 at 7:26 PM. ( thepredator AT )

Do what Ms. Evelyn says! Liquid peroxide is what I use all the time and no troubles whatsoever!


Bleaching Antlers

This response submitted by Jay on 11/24/04 at 8:25 PM. ( )

How do you keep from bleaching the back side of the antlers?

I tried liquid latex on the base of the antlers, but it melted thru.

Anyone have any ideas on how to prevent this?


This response submitted by Jeff S. on 11/24/04 at 8:46 PM. ( )

I submerge the skull in liquid peroxide just until i'm a 1/4 inch below the antler burrs,then i take paper towels and cover all of the skull that is not submerged,let towels wick up the liquid peroxide,good luck.

Ditto on the towels

This response submitted by Evelyn on 11/25/04 at 10:09 AM. ( )

Just like Jeff said. That is the way to prevent the antlers from getting bleached as well. You can substitute papertowels for white washcloths or handtowels. Just make sure they are white and don't contain other colors in them.

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