adding to a form?

Submitted by Jim on 11/4/04 at 8:36 PM. ( )

hey guys
I have a blk bear that Im mounting, but the form Is to small on the cheeks and ear bases by 1" - 1 1/2". the nose and eyes fit great, but his head is coned shaped. what is beast to use to fill this in? I thinking mache . what can you guys recommend doing. I have very good photos and measurements of the head of the bear for reference but this is stumping me Jim

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This response submitted by Ken Walker on 11/4/04 at 10:34 PM. ( () )

If you think it needs changing then by all means change it.Use whatever medium you are comfortable with .You'll be glad you did.

A change-out head

This response submitted by George on 11/4/04 at 10:35 PM. ( )

Anytime you try to "add" to a form without resculpting it, you're asking for trouble. I suspect your measurements are off.

what I thought

This response submitted by jim on 11/5/04 at 4:22 PM. ( )

I thought the mesurments were off but they are on he just hsa a wierd head. should I put any wire ir mesh in the mache to keeo it from cracking and how easy will it form can i file it when dry I have searched every company I can find and no one makes a form to fit this guy I have the closest one thanks for the in put.Jim

You may wish to split the form.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 11/5/04 at 7:50 PM. ( )

JUst adding to the form is not best in MY OPINION.

Cut it in the middle and brace it open, pour a bit on mix foam.

I kind of expect the hide also let out when it was fleshed or shaved.

Remember its better for the skin to be a bit loose than tight!

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