Got Wood?

Submitted by JT on 2/1/05 at 6:06 AM. ( )

I was wondering, what is the best type of wood to use, to mount a Eurpoean mount....or is it just personal preferance?

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This response submitted by Coyote on 2/1/05 at 2:15 PM. ( )

I use pine for almost all my plaques. It's cheap to purchase. And it can be stained thousands of different ways to simulated different types of wood, also antiqueing pine to look like old barn wood, is fairly easy with a few tools, and the proper stain. One of the best plaques my customers like, is when I stain the routered edge a dark walnut, then paint the face with clear polyurethane which turns the wood to a aged yellow color. If they do request a certain type of wood I charge them accordingly.


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