Which Bear Eyes and Jawset do you prefer ?

Submitted by Dave on 2/1/05 at 7:36 PM. ( wildlifetaxi@yahoo.com )


I have searched the past posts and found very little on this one.

What is an excellent all around jawset and eyes to use for a black bear. I plan to do a half mount charging on a McKenzie form. Thought I would go with a detailed Mohr for the jawset and Tohickon eyes. Thoughts? I just want to get the most lifelike jawset and unsure if the Mohr is the way to go, or is it too plastic looking. I'm also unsure on which tohickon eye to use, the detailed concave convex or the white banded IQ.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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This response submitted by Jim B on 2/2/05 at 12:21 AM. ( )

I like the Tohickon 125 white base eyes if I want to show some expression.The detailed Mohr jawset is the one to use.Check and see which size and type is recommended for the form you are using.I like the new "Slimline" Mohr jawsets when I have to build my own open mouth head from closed mouth etc.,but I believe those forms are fitted to the old style Mohr jaws.So make sure you check the catalog to get the right teeth.

Doesn't it come...

This response submitted by Mike on 2/2/05 at 2:07 PM. ( )

with the jawset? I like the buckeye jawset.

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