sewing up a mule deer throat

Submitted by Jack on 2/4/05 at 11:22 PM. ( )

How is the best way to sew up the front of the neck on a deer mount. I have done plenty of sewing over the 5-6 years I have been doing taxidermy. I had a customer bring in a mule deer to be mounted that he slit the neck about 6" accross the throat. I have fixed this kind of stuff before and had no problem. I darted this cut out and am still not happy with it. You can still see where it was cut at. Do I dart it out biggger. Or do I sew it so it overlaps slightly and hammer it in to the form to smothe it out. I have done a fair share of this work and this one is pretty flustrating. Thanks for any advise.

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overlap and hammer

This response submitted by joe on 2/4/05 at 11:39 PM. ( )

if the first method is not working try overlapping the seam and beat it into submission. Let me know how it comes out.

I'd have gotten a replacement hide

This response submitted by George on 2/4/05 at 11:44 PM. ( )

Any customer who brings a cut-throat deer of any species into my shop pays. And pays big time. This is an impossible repair and if there are some religions that require "bleeding an animal before consuming", I figure they don't have a clue about life. Any animal that's shot, bleeds out. If he doesn't, he's not dead yet and when it dies, the heart no longer pumps so there's no "bleeding" to be done. It's archaic, ignorant, and stupid so those three traits spell buying a replacement hide.

IF you decide to correctly repair this, you have to cut your "football so that the upper edge goes above the last cut hair follicle. That means that you're moving your brisket UP the mannikin about 2 to 3 inches. So don't expect it to fit the form well either. I always cut my "footballs" horizontally so that the overlapping hair can cover the incision and seam regardless. A vertical football is more prone to show as the incision runs with the hair instead of across it.

throat cut

This response submitted by mike d on 2/5/05 at 9:47 AM. ( )

If you (or your customer)insist on repairing rather than replacing, then cut out the affected area across the throat.
Thin around opening well and sew with small, tight stitches.
Fit the skin on the form and mark the location of the repair on the form. Remove cape and dig out the foam for an inch on either side of where the repair will lay; about 1/4" deep.
When you mount the skin, fill this area with clay.
Put your mount together and then press the seam into the clay; use a good epoxy hide paste, in this area at least, as it will prevent the hide from shrinking and stressing the seam.Gel and card the hair.
I would bag the entire mount over night to be sure that the epoxy sets before the skin drys.

When cutting the football, be carefull on the top side

This response submitted by John C on 2/5/05 at 11:25 AM. ( )

Many time you can or will cut hairs off and show in a line in the fur, so be very carefull when cutting the upper side of the shape.

I normally hold it off the table so not to cut the hair.

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