exotic critters

Submitted by ken martin on 2/20/05 at 11:26 AM. ( spazff@aol.com )

need some help, please! have not done any exoticts in a few years and now have a group of hunters who are bring me a few heads. stupid me, i did not keep good notes on the last heads i did! question: i have a merino (barbarosa) ram to finish. what color are most of you using to paint the nose with. also have a white phase fallow to finish and the same question: what color should i use to finish the nose with. thanks in advance for any assistance.......ken

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Fallow deer nose

This response submitted by BigSwede on 2/20/05 at 12:48 PM. ( toivo.olsson@telia.com )

Hi Ken!

I mount several fallow deers each year, they vary in color as you say, up here from nearly black to very light, but of course I am not sure if the swedish phases are the same as yours.I have noticed that the color of their noses sort of "follow" the color of their furs, that is a light deer has a nose more to the flesh/grey side. I start with painting the entire nose with white and soft flesh, darker pink deep in the nostrils, than shade the nose with paynes gray and thinned black/ brown until I get a soft, natural look. Good luck and hope you can find some good ref pics.

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