Scoring impala update.

Submitted by Brian on 2/25/05 at 9:56 AM. ( )

Thank you to those that answered my question on how to score impala horns! I always knew I had a great set of horns, but I think it's even better than I'd first thought. I'm still a little foggy on just where to put the tape.I take it they are not measured up the side like a pronghorn. Do you start at the very front of the horn and follow the top center line all the way to the tip, or do you start at the front and follow along the same little groove or line in the horn to the tip? Using the latter your tape would start at the front and slowly move out to the outer curve and end up on the side of the horn at the tip. I get 28 2/8 and 28 4/8 following the natural lines in the horn. A little less when keeping the tape on top center to the tip. The bases are 6 1/8" per side. Thanks again for the help!

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measuring the horns

This response submitted by Laurier on 2/26/05 at 8:16 AM. ( )

you go from the front of the horn,but 28 2/8 I think you have a red lechwe not Impala horns , or you would have a world record. As for a 28" red lechwe that is on the small side. I would not shot under 31"

not a lechwe

This response submitted by Brian on 2/28/05 at 8:47 AM. ( )

It's an impala. It was killed in east africa in the mid 70's. It's a big one but I can't see how it would be a world record.

e-mail me a picture

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