Javalina from Texas to Georgia

Submitted by Michelle W on 4/4/05 at 11:56 PM. ( )

OK...nother question I forgot to ask this morning. I have a freind that lives in Texas that shot a Javalina this year. He wants to give me the cape to mount so I can put it in my show room. He doesn't have the tag any more. He is willing to give me his name address, phone number and wher it was killed etc. etc. What else would I need inorder to bring this hide into Georgia? Thanks.

Michelle W

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This response submitted by hunter on 4/5/05 at 12:03 AM. ( )

their is no tag for javilina in texas if he killed it legally all he needs to do is attach a hunters document and ship

What is a hunters document?

This response submitted by MichelleW on 4/5/05 at 11:54 AM. ( )

Sorry, I might just be a little slow today...but. What is a hunters document?

Might be this

This response submitted by C A on 4/6/05 at 1:30 AM. ( )

I think he is talking about a Wildlife Resource Document. Basically all it is is a piece of paper with the hunter's name, address, phone number; the receiver's name address, phone number; the number and type of species; the date it was killed; ranch name, county, state; hunting license number of hunter; and the hunter's signature and date. It can be written on any piece of paper. By the way, no such thing as a Javelina tag.

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