Submitted by daryn on 4/14/05 at 1:15 AM. ( )

i recently was at a studio and saw a whitetail that had incredible detail the taxidermist wasnt in so i couldnt ask him his procedure.when i mount a deer i gel and then net it ,it comes out smooth as glass but i cant get the hair to lay down in the low you card over top of the netting or something?

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This response submitted by Jack F on 4/14/05 at 4:08 AM. ( )

I dont know what I am doing right or wrong but I have never carded a deers hair since I started taxidermy. I have mounted over eighty some deer so far and not one has had hair sticking up or out or laying funny. I see this topic on here all the time. I have yet to use gel or any other hair spreys to keep the hair down. A properly mounted deer the hair should lay in place. If your trying to get that muscle look then get short haired deer capes and quality forms. I know that the hair will stand out if there are wrinkles in the skin your not geting out. If you have everything fitting properly not over stretching anywhere, the hair should lay as its supposed to with out all that extra carding, stockings and gels. I don't have more then six T pins in a shoulder mount. I use two small pieces of screen in the arm pits with four arrow staples in each and thats it for carding. Quality hide paste is a must Epo-Grip nuff said on that one. If you have any questions you can send me an email. Im sorry if this post sounds angry but deer just dont use hair gel. Jack F

Getting detail...

This response submitted by Drew on 4/14/05 at 11:02 AM. ( )

You have to use an early season cape to get the kind of detail you are talking about. If you have a normal late season cape the hair is too long to get a lot of detail out of it. And it is not natural to see a late season deer with a lot of detail. There are a few spots where you can see muscle tone like the shoulders, along the jaw, and around the ears, etc, but if you really want sculpted in muscles and details with veins etc, then you need an early season cape.

Otherwise you have to really dig in troughs all over the form, use a good glue, and use something like foam tubing pinned in place to get the hair and hide to stick down in the groove. But, like I said, that is not natural for a late season deer so I wouldn't bother. Kind of like when people take a late season elk cape and mount it bugling, that looks stupid.

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