salt and feshing ?

Submitted by hunter334 on 4/14/05 at 11:45 PM. ( )

what should i charge to salt and flesh capes
.. i would not be tanning them just hepling a friend
what is fair?

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How fast are you?

This response submitted by Drew on 4/15/05 at 12:04 AM. ( )

Are you turning the ears, lips, and eyes too? I think I would want $50 to prep a deer cape ready for the tannery. That is just me, not sure what others charge. I have never done one for anyone that I wasn't mounting the head for, so not sure what to charge.

Check the archives...

This response submitted by Craig on 4/15/05 at 12:42 AM. ( )

this was discussed not too long ago. The prices varied from $50.00 to $150.00 but these prices came from taxidermists that were doing this for clients.

If you are working for a friend that is a taxidermist then he should know what his prices allow for having someone do this kind of work for him. If he charges 500.00 for a shoulder mount he has figured in more for this aspect of the mount than if he only charges 300.00. You should be able to flesh; split nose,lips & eyelids; turn ears; and salt in around an hour. At an hourly rate of 20.00 under the table that might be a pretty good wage if he has enough work to keep you busy.

If he is just doing this to sell capes on ebay then good luck with getting 50.00 for doing each one. For what you get for most of those capes, unless they are big, the extra work doesn't warrant the time one puts into turning & salt drying them. You're better off selling them frozen and having the buyer pay for 2nd day air.

Prep Service

This response submitted by Jeremy & Danielle on 4/15/05 at 9:23 AM. ( )

We charge $25.00 for a whitetail cape. Lipes, nose, ears turned and fleshed. We salt twice and then hang to dry.

$25.00 sounds like it would be a good bet.

This response submitted by Todd B on 4/15/05 at 2:13 PM. ( )

I believe there is a service near Carolina Fur Dressing that gets $25.00 per cape. They also deliver the capes next door to the tannery for you. I would think that would be a fair price.

Todd B

ok another question

This response submitted by hunter334 on 4/17/05 at 3:08 PM. ( )

what about bear and coyote life size

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