caping buffalo

Submitted by roger peets on 4/23/05 at 12:00 PM. ( )

my brother got a buffalo, he wants to give it to me. thinking of a shoulder mount. i have never done one of these before. should i cut across from horn to horn& then down a little. like the letter t. or should i split down the back? i plan on fleshing, turning & salt drying, then sending to a tannery. could someone recommend a tannery that is expierienced with buffalo? thanks very much for a great site.

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T across the horns then on down the back

This response submitted by Never again on 4/23/05 at 12:03 PM. ( )

I use the normal full T cut. Glad its you and not me. Do you have lots of salt? Get it before the feed store closes.

YOU CANNOT FREEZE the Bison, to much fur.

If its a big bull

This response submitted by jim on 4/23/05 at 7:03 PM. ( )

plan on working on the cape all day and a lot of the rest of a week. You HAVE to get that hide thin around the forehead. Its a lot of work. Lots of salt and sweat esp on a big bull. Any of the major tanneries will do a good job. Call them first.

Must love your brother!

This response submitted by kayla on 4/25/05 at 3:39 PM. ( )

Ya got your work cut out for you! LOL check with the closest tannery to your location due to weight, could run you quite a bit of $$ just to ship. I raised my price last spring from 800.00 to 1200.00 hoping to slow the amount of bison I get...... guess what it didnt work! im lucky enough to have a tannery who specializes in bison within 2 hours so I wait until I have a truck load then drive them over even with fuel prices like they are it still beats the tar outa UPS. its Kettle Falls Tannery in Wa state 509-738-2010 they charge from 200 - 300 depending on size and do a great job. Good luck and tell your brother he owes you big time lol :o)

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