European Hog question

Submitted by Stephen on 4/27/05 at 1:25 PM. ( )

Can any one help me with ataching a hog head horizontally to a vertical board? the customer wants the head protruding off the wall from a flat piece of panel. HELP! Thank you in advance

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have you checked on pedestal mounts?

This response submitted by B2 on 4/27/05 at 2:22 PM. ( )

the pedestal plaques will allow you to position the skull at a slight angle for viewing (almost horiz) while maintaining a vetical board on the wall. they can also be used in desktop form (better be a big desk for boar skull). they are simple to make, but if you want to buy one, look in the WASCO or Van Dyke's catalog. they were listed in both. Once you see the picture of one, you will be amazed at how simple the design is. you might need to adjust the measurements to fit the boar (I don't remember if they had boar represented), AND the angle. all of the pics show the skull at a 30 -45% angle. minor adjustments could be done to go horizontal

hope this helps


Further explanation

This response submitted by Stephen on 4/27/05 at 2:38 PM. ( )

How do you attach the lower jaw to the top jaw and then to the board?


This response submitted by B2 on 4/27/05 at 3:14 PM. ( )

usually when the lower jaw is used, the jaw is attached by using wire near the hinge... wiring it shut. clear two part epoxy could work, but you could really mess up with it. I am at work at the moment, but I can look when I get to the house, I have a reference that addresses the skull issue, and details how to do the jaw.

mounting to the panel is another issue, there are many different options, all of which will work.

a "grabber screw" with a small block of wood or backer in the skull, run the grabber screw through the bottom of the plank through the skull to the insert piece of wood... be careful... you can ruin all of your work by getting this too tight... pre-drilling is almost a must...


use threaded rod in similar fashion ... pre drill, then put a washer/nut combo inside the skull, with the htreaded rod extending down... through the predrilled hole in the plank... put a nut washer combo on bottom of plank... there ya go.


you can try to use one of the two part epoxies, but this could be fragile, plus could easily mar the finished appearance. it dries clear, but can be noticed. I do not advise this method since if the mount is moved, the epoxy can break free, and the whole thing come crashing down...

I am sure that there are a plethora with more experience that have other methods that might work better for you. these are ones that I have experience with. I too am looking for other methods of doing this that could increase the effectiveness of my work.

Have you done a search using the button to the left? there might be something in the archives on this.



This response submitted by Stephen on 4/27/05 at 5:59 PM. ( )

I searched several different ways, but I can't find anything really similar to what I need. I appreciate your suggestions...I just keep reliving my customer explaining how he wanted it done...and my uh oh look I probably had on my face! If you get that info will you shoot me an email?
Thanks alot B2

try this

This response submitted by bonedaddy on 4/27/05 at 7:41 PM. ( )

by far the easiest way to attach any skull to a flat panel is to use a toggle bolt. just drill a hole the size of the bolt in your panel where you want it to be centered, drill a hole for the expanding "nut" to fit through into the skull, put bolt through panel, start nut onto bolt, push nut through hole in back of skull and screw tight. be sure you don't have too long of bolt or you won't get it tight or you might crack the skull through the front. I also put a "set screw" into the skull to keep it from spinning on the bolt. just drill a hole through the panel and skull then screw a drywall screw into the skull. works like a charm. I have used this on deer, antelope, elk, hogs, rams, etc. good luck

I looked at my reference

This response submitted by B2 on 4/27/05 at 10:28 PM. ( )

and it really only applied to the jaw issue. The book is David Gilchrist's Hunter / Fisherman's complete guide to the field care of trophies... he suggests drilling small hole at the jaw hinge (both sides) then wiring the skull and jaw together with aircraft safety wire (stainless steel wire). as for the attachment to the plank.... bonedaddy had excellent suggestion

BONEDADDY... That idea makes so much sense that I hit all around it but was never quite there. kinda makes me mad thinking of all the time and frustration spent on this part of the mount.

Stephen, I hope this helps. send me a pic of the finished product, I'd like to see how it comes out. if you have any more questions, either email me or just post it here.


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