Jim B

Submitted by Mike on 4/29/05 at 3:12 PM. ( ollie@wildak.net )

Just wanted to thank you for the great advice you gave me on repair of the Dall Sheep horns. After practicing on a spare piece of horn, I was totally amazed at the color matching it provided. It turned out to be the exact color I needed. Again, thanks for helping me out on this one I would encourage anyone to try this method if they ever need to rapir a sheep horn. Just Amazing!


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This response submitted by Jim B on 4/30/05 at 3:47 PM. ( )

You are very welcome.Smart idea to practice first.Just take your time and play with the texture.You can get some amazing results.I have done repairs to the fronts of bases where bullets have blown chunks off and by waiting for the putty to almost harden,you can really duplicate the natural checks,cracks and splinters in that area.Hopefully you can make some money on this one and the next one won't seem like such a big deal.Oh yeah,take before and after pictures to show future customers.I always forget to.

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