australian forms

Submitted by kamps on 5/1/05 at 2:07 PM. ( )

im looking to see if anyone knows where i can find shoulder forms for kangaroo donkey or camel for a client who is going to australia i know Jonas used to make a paper camel form but i didnt see it in the new catalog for donkey should i just use a zebra form dont have any clue about kangaroo forms. any help appreciated?

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Australian forms

This response submitted by Tony on 5/3/05 at 6:37 AM. ( )

I asked an Aussie taxidermist about donkey forms (there are a lot in my area) he said to use zebra forms. I think Van Dykes may carry camel forms. I don't know if your client would be able to bring a roo skin home with him. They are protected but can be shot by pro's for meat and skins. It may be something he might want to check out.

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