Attaching skull to wooden plaque

Submitted by Jeff Balch on 5/9/05 at 1:24 PM. ( )

What would be the best way to attach an European mount to a wooden plaque without damaging the skull?

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This response submitted by pureluck on 5/9/05 at 1:35 PM. ( )

I drill a hole in the bottom of the brain cavity and on the plaque and stain a 5/8ths dow rod, glue the dow rod in the plaque and you just slide the skull on. That way if the customer ever wants to take it down all they have to do is slide it off.


This response submitted by Stephen on 5/9/05 at 2:34 PM. ( )

I take a grinder and grind down the rear/top portion of the skull so it wiil sit flat on the panel (teeth in). I then cut a piece of wood that will slide inside of the brain cavity (set aside until later)Mix up a batch of bondo with heavy fiberglass. Fill brain cavity with the bondo, slide piece of wood into the cavity, add more bondo. Allow bondo to harden, place skull on plaque, drill a screw through the board and into the wood/bondo mix. Walla! If you need anymore explanation email me...good luck, Stephen

OK, somebody's going to take offense

This response submitted by George on 5/9/05 at 2:53 PM. ( )

But don't any of you ever use the "SEARCH" icon? I just did and found that there were nearly 20 entries on there of this exact same question with exactly the same answers to one degree or another. There's a world of wealth there if people would use it.

Wild hog skull

This response submitted by Jeff Balch on 5/9/05 at 7:56 PM. ( )

The skull I want to attach is a wild hog. I would like to attach upper and lower jaw. It is large and sits off the plaque quite a bit. I could not find anything that helped directly with this topic. Thanks for your help, George!

Jeff, I agree, I don't ever recall that being answered

This response submitted by George on 5/10/05 at 12:05 AM. ( )

Since the bottom jaw must be attached to the skull, it makes it somewhat more difficult. I've done them two ways, but the one I liked most was to build a dome underneath the skull out of white Apoxy and have it nest between both bottom jaws. Then I ran two 5 inch dry wall screws up through the Apoxey and into the skull. I'd filled the brain cavity with fiberglass resin with fiberglass chop and Cabosil to give the screw something to bite into.

The second way I only did once because it's much more tricky. I drilled a small hole under each jaw bone and used a #8 stainless steel screw to hold them to the plaque. This is really tricky as it's tough to get the jaw aligned properly this way. It wants to twist on you.

BTW, I used Elmer's glue to hold the teeth in and to hold the jaw to the skull.

one more time

This response submitted by bonedaddy on 5/10/05 at 1:10 AM. ( )

by far the easiest and least expensive way to mount a skull to a flat panel is to use a toggle (expandable) bolt. Drill a hole in the panel the size of the bolt, put the bolt through the hole , attach the expandable nut, push through either the brain stem cavity or drill a new hole through the back of the skull, tighten. Be sure you don't have too long a bolt or you will destroy the skull. As far as the lower jaw, I use fine wire to attach bottom jaw. paint wire white or blend with apoxie sculpt after you are done, never see it. hope this helps.

Actually George

This response submitted by B2 on 5/10/05 at 11:27 AM. ( )

it was. bonedaddy and myself responded to someone wanting to mount a hog skull to a horizontal plaque. and it included the lower jaw question... this was about 10 days ago or so. the search parameters might have missed it... I cannot remember the way it was titled.


Thanx B@

This response submitted by George on 5/10/05 at 9:31 PM. ( )

BUT the way bonedaddy just described it, you get a hog skull with it's nose pointed up in the air. A toggle bolt through the brain stem hole when tightened is goind to set that sucker on its "butt" so to speak. The only way it will set on its jaws is for it to be bolted through the center of them and the center of the skull. In one of my other lifes, I was a furniture builder and I know how toggle bolts work.

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