Boiling Skulls/Aluminum Pots?

Submitted by George Sodemann on 5/9/05 at 9:01 PM. ( )

Anybody know what the downside is to using an aluminum pot for boiling skulls with sal-soda? WASCO discourages it. Thanks to any response!

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I use an Aluminum Feul tank

This response submitted by RJ Simington on 5/9/05 at 10:32 PM. ( )

It was a semi truck feul tank, cut in half.

Works great & large enough for Buffalo skulls.

Plus NO worries about rust from steel tanks that stain skulls.


This response submitted by wilson on 5/10/05 at 9:28 AM. ( )

Aluminum Pot for boiling is ok but they dont last long ,the soda will pit the bottom and eat holes in it.
It must be RJ;s tank is a special aluminum ; cooking aluminum is not worth buying for every day use.


This response submitted by Pooch on 5/12/05 at 2:58 PM. ( )

Aluminum will work for a while but like george said it will not last long. Depending on the guage of the Aluminum you might get a half a dozen uses before it is oxidized through. Aluminum wont rust but it will oxidize like copper. Sal Sode being Alkaline by nature may speed up the oxidation process and of course lower the lifespan of your aluminum pot. Personally I use a steel tank that I made to transmit the most heat and use the least amount of water with a lid and fold down sides to keep the heat under the water and not blowing out around. I did coat my tank on the inside with a paint epoxy mixture that does not (at least up to this point) chip flake or disolve. There for I have a good metal and not a worry about rust stain.

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