what size elk form can i get away with?

Submitted by Pat on 5/11/05 at 9:29 PM. ( )

Hi guys, i am preparing to do my first elk mount, open mouth. I have read great reviews on the ELK93 form from WASCO (http://www.taxidermy.net/WASCO/cat/12/ELK_RC.html). Here is a few questions i hope you guys can answer.
First, this is my own elk, and i did not take field measurements and and going off the cape measurements of 12.5 and 29 inches.
So here is question#1, with a cape measurement of 12.5 how short of a mannikin nose can i get away with without trouble? Is the form i want to use in my ballpark? Is the form measurements short just because of the bugleing nose is curled back?
second question, the picture of the form shown is not 2 piece but they advertise to jawset fits perfect. have any of you used this form? was it cut already?

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This response submitted by lee on 5/11/05 at 10:22 PM. ( )

an inch shorter wont hurt anything. it is simple to add up to an inch though. just cut behind the lip line and add foam. 12.5 sounds a little long for a 29 inch neck. atleast for the elk here, but there are always those with bigger heads.


This response submitted by Drew on 5/11/05 at 11:07 PM. ( )

Why would you choose WASCO? There are a lot of great elk forms on the market and none of them are sold by WASCO.


This response submitted by Rick Carter on 5/12/05 at 11:42 AM. ( )

Pat, the ELK93 is a very accurate mannikin, sculpted over a real skull. The NK541 jawset is an accurate positive fit with less work than any other mannikin available. The cape should fit fine with the measurements you posted. If you have any specific questions please call me at 1 800 334 8012. I bet Drew has never even SEEN the elk I sculpted but the Judges at the 1998 NTA liked it pretty good. Maybe you can get Drew to sculpt a better one for you!


This response submitted by pat on 5/12/05 at 11:42 AM. ( )

beacause i like the pose on that one!

I have used that one Rick and the cape fit fine.

This response submitted by Sarah on 5/12/05 at 3:34 PM. ( )

Its a good form.

Funny that a NOBODY says bad things about forms he has not used. When many of the big names in taxidermy have scuplted them.


This response submitted by Drew on 5/12/05 at 11:15 PM. ( )

Sorry Rick, didn't mean to insult you, but WASCO has a piss poor selection for the western taxidermist. And your form only comes in one size, how is that practical? It looks like a decent form in the catalog, but 11" in pretty short for a 29" neck. That measurement is more suited for a 2.5 year old rag bull with a 26" neck.

Sarah, how many elk have you mounted in your lifetime? I am a nobody, yet you are 17 years old? Hahahahahahaa! You are a joke. I am convinced that you are not even a taxidermist, just another internet troll probably working for PETA.

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