Good first African cape?

Submitted by Randy L. on 5/8/05 at 12:38 AM. ( )

Hi Folks,

Having mounted nothing but North American game, I was wondering if any of you could give me a suggestion of what African species I could get started with. I'm looking for a species that will give me some of the problems associated with African game without starting out with something extremely difficult. Availability and cost are factors as well, since I have no idea how it will turn out.

The day will probably come when someone needs something more exotic than a deer head or caribou mounted, and I would like to be [better] prepared.

Thank you for any suggestions!
Randy L.

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Reference and a quality cape are most important

This response submitted by G Cromwell on 5/8/05 at 9:34 AM. ( )

I would recommend one of the more commonly hunted species like impala, kudu, warthog, springbok etc. These are the animals that are most commonly hunted in southern Africa and will be the ones most clients will want to see. Factor in some good reference photos as materials cost for every new animal you do. The condition of the tanned skin is going to play a major role on how difficult it will be. I would probably start with an impala or other small-medium antelope as they are not expensive. WASCO has a good kudu video (Ron Shaefer) that you will find helpful. Use good reference and a good hide paste and have fun.


This response submitted by HUgh on 5/9/05 at 5:42 PM. ( )

I agree with Mr. Cromwell, start small. Try an impala, bushbuck, springbok etc before jumping into any of the larger antelope. African animals are different than NA game. It seems they have alot of extra skin! Ron Shafers video does a great job of showing you how to make wrinkles etc. I was at his seminar at the worlds and bought the video, it really helps.



This response submitted by Randy on 5/10/05 at 10:00 PM. ( )

Thanks for the help, guys. I'll pick up some videos and probably an Impala or Springbok, since I've seen those for moderate prices.

Thanks again!

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