Submitted by mike on 5/15/05 at 2:39 PM. ( )

Is there anything I can do to stop slippage after a head is already mounted? After I set the head aside to dry I noticed a small patch where the hair is falling out. The head is completely dry now and the rest of the hair is locked in tight. I'm afraid to check by the small spot to see if any more hair will come out.

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Would you rather the customer did it?

This response submitted by George on 5/15/05 at 2:58 PM. ( )

At this point, I wouldn't think there was anything that could be done about it. The epidural layer has slipped (assuming it was slippage and not just the hair pulling out). Check it now and repair it if need be. Don't let the customer find out "by accident".

stop rot might help

This response submitted by paul e on 5/16/05 at 7:22 AM. ( )

using stop rot up front would have been the best insurance

ive been hearing that it might also work on tanned capes also

maybe heel post to answer you directly on what hes heard lately

do yourself a favor and get some stop rot and use as directed from now on

Is it

This response submitted by B2 on 5/16/05 at 12:43 PM. ( )

to apply Stop Slip?

As far as I know, Stop Rot and Stop Slip are two different chemicals...

I have not used the Stop Slip yet, but gave it a cursory read...
and I cannot remember if there is a "too late" time to use.
what I do remember is that you need to apply it to "wet" the skin... and it should set the hair folicles...
contact the manufacturer and ask them to make sure though....


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