eye mm to big for form

Submitted by catfish on 5/20/05 at 12:52 PM. ( )

hey guys, i have done many deer heads and was tought by the best, but now i am stuck on my first boar head. Being from iowa we dont get too many up here. The form called for a 18 mm eye, i ordered the form and the eye but did not check the fit right away. the eye is too big. Now i am planning on mounting the boar over the weekend because it is his sons graduation present. I have no time to spair, can i just dremmel out the eye socket, an rebuild with clay? Any input would be great.

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This response submitted by tomdes on 5/20/05 at 1:18 PM. ( mapletax@twcny.rr.com )

I'd say that's your best option at this point.. If it was only off a couple of mm's, then you should be able to work it in and make it look good... good luck..


This response submitted by Leslie on 5/20/05 at 5:59 PM. ( )

I use a spade bit and it will work fine.


This response submitted by catfish on 5/21/05 at 11:40 AM. ( )

thanks for the info.

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