Celastic earliner ? from scratch

Submitted by bryan on 5/25/05 at 12:37 AM. ( wildlifedesigns@hotmail.com )

Is there a Breakthrough mag or something else out there that has instructions / techniques for making your own celastic earliners from the sheet. Thanks

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This response submitted by Drew on 5/25/05 at 7:26 PM. ( )

I have never done it, but a guy I know told me he just uses a hard plastic liner as a mold, heats the celastic, then presses it up against the hard plastic until it cools.

You need the cartilage

This response submitted by George on 5/25/05 at 9:11 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

Then you cut it to size. You then put the edge on a belt sander to get it razor thin. Once that's complete, you wet it with lacquer thinner and mold it to the shape you'd like. Let the thinner evaporate and the ear is molded for installation.


This response submitted by bryan on 5/26/05 at 1:52 AM. ( wildlifedesigns@hotmail.com )

I trace the actual ear skin when I do it. When I was tracing cartilage the earliners always ended up to small. Do you think the carilage shrinks considerably? with a commercial dry tan. Never tried using lacquer thinner to soften I always used hot water. any more techniques

Make a mold

This response submitted by Frank E Kotula on 5/26/05 at 6:15 AM. ( )

First off you need to make a mold form the whloe ear. You can do this by either taking a pair of ears and using Nair remove all the hair. From there you place the ears in bedding back side down. You then make a mold of all the inner ear by using many different casting materials, (bondo and resin, plastics, rock putty etc). After that has set up you pull the ears off and now you have a mold of the ear.
The other method is if you don't have an extra pair of ear you have to remove the whole cartilage and do the same as I explained above.
From here now I take the cartilage and make a cut on the inner ear side so I can lay it out and make and make a tracing of it on paper. Save this. Take your celastic mark it out with the papep tracing and cut it out. Now with a pot of hot water place the celastic in the in the hot water for about two minutes. It will become pliable and from there you drape it over the mold and shape it. The bottom will over lap and you use a blunt edge and rub the celastic together. It will bond to itself. Let it set up and then pry off.
This should help you out.
Ps I don't know about the lacquer thinner but if you try his method (hazardous) but they recomend the use of acetone to make it soft. There are a few places to get this stuff. I use Art Stuff to get mine. The celastic is white and all you need is wet heat or dry heat to shape it. They have others that require acetone to make it soft.

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