A minute of your time/ Grab your Van Dykes catolog

Submitted by Confused on 5/31/05 at 7:54 PM. ( )

I'm doing a Elk Antler mount for a customer here shortly. Haven't done one as of yet. Was wondering what you guys thought of the Elk antler kit in Van Dykes pg. 310 bottom right. Does this look to Mickey Mouse? Where is the Antler Form? Looks good from here but in hand might be different story. Someone point me in the right direction as I've been worrying far to long over what ought to be a simple project. I bought a video last week where they pull the leather over the horns, turned out kinda goofy looking. I beleive it was a WASCO video. Oh what to do?

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Here is what I do...

This response submitted by Drew on 5/31/05 at 10:14 PM. ( )

Pick out a nice panel and buy it.

Take a piece of 3/4" plywood and lay the skull cap on it, and then trace a shape kind of like an egg on the wood around the bone.

Screw the bone to the wood, make sure you predrill the holes a bit larger than the screws in the skull first or it will crack.

Once screwed on, take some mache and cover the skull forming a mound, blending it nice and smooth tapering it off towards the edges.

Take your leather and cut it to fit leaving about atleast 1/2" hanging over to pull behind the wood and staple in place. Take another thin strip of leather or decorative braid and cover the edge of the leather underneath the horn bases. Hot glue this in place.

Then simply run some screws through the back of the panel into the 3/4" plywood that you covered in leather.

You don't need a kit, only power tools you will need are a handheld jigsaw, and a drill.


I recommend that you

This response submitted by DEERMEISTER on 5/31/05 at 10:58 PM. ( )

Do as Drew do!

I second that

This response submitted by R.Ely on 6/1/05 at 12:31 AM. ( )

WIth one exception. Before putting the mache on put a little vacilein on the antler bur. So that if you get any mache on them it will come off easily

Still confused?

This response submitted by Susan on 6/1/05 at 1:23 AM. ( susancrowd@aol.com )

Hello Confused!
I agree with Drew to a point. Here's my thoughts...
1-Make your own panel, or pick out a nice panel and buy it to mount the antlers on.
2-Trim your skull cap to the size you need to sit well(good display angle) on the panel. Clean out any remaining dried membrane before proceeding.
3-Lay a good piece of plastic(no holes)on a level table top. This will give a good flat back to your skull plate.
4-Take a scrap piece of wood(cut to fit inside the opening of the skull cap) & place it on top of the plastic sheeting.
4-Either get someone to help hold the antlers or prop them in a convienent spot(for pouring in the Bondo).
5-Mix enough Bondo to fill the skull cavity(make it kinda fast setting)and slightly overfill the skull.
6-Quickly turning the filled skull upright on top of the piece of wood-(the plastic underneath it all)-with the skull sitting flat (this will form a very strong support & base to screw down to the finished panel). Use the plastic(Pull it up around the skull plate) to keep the bondo from running everywhere & will make it easier to smooth the transition points & edges of the skull cap.
7-When the bondo starts to cool down enough to remove the plastic-do so, and trim the excess with a knife and smooth edges with sandpaper.
8-Pre-drill holes in panel to attach the skull plate. Do not attach yet.
9-Take your leather and cut it to fit & completely cover the skull cap-leaving about atleast 1/2" hanging over on the backside to pull behind the wood and hot glue in place. Take a strip of leather, bootstrap, or decorative braid and cover the edges around the horn bases and hot glue this in place.
10-Then attach the skull plate to the panel with screws run through the back of the panel into the wood base in the back of the skull.[from the back to the front]
11- Finally, finish it off by trimming the base of the skull plate(against the panel) with the same trim used around the horn bases as above.

****You don't need a kit, the only power tools you will need are a handheld jigsaw, and a drill. But don't forget the gloves and safety glasses!

Good Luck and have fun safely!-Susan

antler mount form

This response submitted by Mr. T on 6/1/05 at 5:08 AM. ( )

the Vandyke book has a Elk skull form, so you don't have to build the "egg shape" ,add antlers, fill in with mache, cover with leather, add a plaque. It will look more like a skull instead of a un-natural dome or egg.

ive used the kit

This response submitted by paul e on 6/1/05 at 6:48 AM. ( amfpaul@bellsouth.net )

i think the kit is pretty good
you have to take care getting skull cut at the right angle and depth
i use a tiny drill bit and drill half the depth for the little tacks
a little bondo if you need to
some hot glue
the rest is a snap

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