Submitted by hoot on 6/2/05 at 10:06 PM. ( )

has anyone else noticed a price increase in bondo in north alabama it has jumped about $2 a gal.i have been getting mine for the last couple years at auto i checked around and ever one has gone up

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Wal mart

This response submitted by Steve on 6/2/05 at 10:21 PM. ( )

In our area it is about 2.00 a gallon cheaper at Wal mart.

Auto Zone

This response submitted by Pirate on 6/3/05 at 9:39 AM. ( )

Auto Zone will move into an area with mutiple stores and low prices and after they run all of the local businesses out of business they raise their prices. They did that here to. I agree with Steve just find somewhere else to get it.

What do you think

This response submitted by Charley on 6/3/05 at 11:43 AM. ( )

Wal-Mart is doing? They even said publicly that they want to put certain companies out of business, Albertson's and Winn-Dixie are on there top hit list. Do you think they won't go up once they own the market? I hate Wal-Mart, totally un American!
Yes I know I still go there all the time though!

<><> BONDO-WAR <><>

This response submitted by EARL on 6/10/05 at 12:35 AM. ( ANT/TAX )

A week ago I went to the auto store up the road were I always buy my bondo 11.99 a can and when on sale 9.00.. I asked to order a case like always and he said no problem..I brought over a can to ring it up and he said 15.99, I said your crazy and why,he said "DO YOU WANT IT OR NOT ? O-boy,big mistake #1, I thought here we go,I explained when it's on sale it's 9.00 and usally 11.99 he said you never paid that for a can here that's less than we pay,I asked if I prove that would he honor the price,he said yes "2ND MISTAKE" I went home and bingo,found the reciept and back I went..I went in asked for Mr.KNOW-IT-ALL, he came out all smiles like he had me but went back in his office a little pissed,I ordered 12 cases and he said nothing but it will be in by the weeks end..I called today and WOW as promissed,12 cases 48 one gallon cans..That should last a while..Earl


This response submitted by Charley on 6/10/05 at 11:58 PM. ( )

That is awesome Earl!

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