ram ears

Submitted by tlc on 6/3/05 at 1:19 PM. ( )

I am beginning work on a ram and would like to know what the set up time is on ear magic. I need a product that has a slow set up time so I can fashion the ears in the tight quarters I am allowed. Any advice would be great!

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6 to 8 minutes

This response submitted by George on 6/3/05 at 1:28 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

But why it would take you any longer than that is something I don't understand. Once the ear is ready to be mounted, place a dollop in the ear, press it down to the very tips and edges, then take a small roller or any round object and roll the ear from the tip to the butt to push excess epoxy down. Shape the ear. Then watch it closely. As soon as it begins to warm, make any final bends and curls in the ear. In about 15 minutes, the ear is cured completely but it will still be able to be shaped for another hour or two.

Magic Ear has millions of silk fiber shreds mixed in both parts A & B and does things that Bondo and fiberglass chop could only come close to.

i found it easier on the cartilage

This response submitted by paul e on 6/10/05 at 1:33 PM. ( amfpaul@bellsouth.net )

tlc you should have enough time just dropping it in
i found it was a little easier to apply a thin coat to the cartilage
at least in my experience it was a little less messy also
that will save a few seconds

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