elk form disaster...

Submitted by Drew on 6/17/05 at 11:15 AM. ( )

I have to mount a bull for a friend of a friend. The problem with this bull is he has a head like a 5 gallon bucket, but with a 31" neck. Thinking I would rather just shave down the neck a bit I bought a 32" form from Jonas since I could go and pick it up. I have never used a Jonas elk form before. I get this thing home and test fit the cape. The head fits perfect, but the neck and shoulders are enormous! Sure, it will measure 32" if you squeeze the tape real hard, but then it jumps up like a swelled mulie. This form looks like Godzilla on steroids. I started to cut down the neck last night and no matter how much I shaved it down, it is still too big. I remeasured the cape and it is right at 31.5", but this form is ridiculous. I am worried once I get to the shoulder area there is no way I will get it to fit, and I cannot modify that area.

Now what? Do I write this off as a $110 dollar mistake? I bought a 29" form at the same time and I think it will even be too big in the chest area, but the head is too small. Wondering if I should cut the head off of one, and slap it on the other one? Or if I should take the second form back and go buy two new forms from Research and eat the $110?


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This response submitted by Bill Haynes on 6/17/05 at 11:44 AM. ( )

Put the cape on the form---Then pull the cape foward until the skin meets on the top at the back of the form.Pin it there, and start working the excess forward toward the head. I think it will possibly fit then.Sounds like the skin has been stretched from front to back, and you will have to reverse it. Stretch it from side to side as much as possible.
Hope this helps.


This response submitted by BUZZI on 6/17/05 at 1:28 PM. ( olytax@aol.com )

are great. I always order the next size smaller because they are full size elk forms in the face, neck and shoulders. They make a great mount. If you have the shoulder skin and want to work a little..stretch it wider....but not in the length as it seems has happened, probably in the tannery. Soak the skin as directed by the tannery, sweat it overnight....then work with it. If it still seems "dry"......sponge it down with a few drops of Dawn detergent and then work with it.

Another problem...

This response submitted by Drew on 6/17/05 at 2:38 PM. ( )

thanks for the input so far. Another problem, the antlers are so kicked back that unless I tilt them forward, they will hit the wall. Is cutting a wedge and pitching the head down the best bet? I have never had so many problems with an elk mount before. And I have never had an elk antler clearance problem, but most bulls I do are around 300 or less, this one is around 330 and the antlers have really long beams and a narrow spread so they kick straight back.

Alter the form

This response submitted by George on 6/17/05 at 2:52 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

That's why I prefit my elk on the floor with the back panel setting flat. You can see if the antlers on the mounted animal will hit the wall (floor). If they do, the form needs to be modified by tilting the chin down slightly until the antlers clears. "Wedging' the antlers up oftentimes will make your completed work look silly and unnatural.

Thanks George

This response submitted by Drew on 6/17/05 at 4:09 PM. ( )

That is the problem is tilting the antlers forward looks odd because the pedicles are going strait up like a brick wall. I mounted a board vertically to the back of the form to make sure the antlers don't extend beyond that, and they do unless i tilt them.

When i cut out the wedge, should I take the wedge and flip it upside down and reinstall it to the form so the wide part is on top? Or would you just cut the wedge and just bondo and bolt the head to the neck and disregard the wedge?

I'd Bondo it back

This response submitted by Jason on 6/17/05 at 10:12 PM. ( )

I would bondo to fill in empty space, and bolt like you said. Probably going to be most secure

thanks for all the help

This response submitted by Drew on 6/21/05 at 1:08 AM. ( )

Got the elk put back together this weekend, it all went OK. Figure I made about $1 and hour, LOL, but atleast I learned a lot.

elk rules i follow

This response submitted by ira shank on 6/24/05 at 9:45 AM. ( tenpointman@msn.com )

i always order one size smaller and strech the skin side to side!

i always nail a small board on the back of the manikin to check antler clearance(did one once and found out when i was done that it coud never work!)

sometimes the face looks like it may be a bigger animal than the head but after some "Taxi" work. all haie patters line up and i get a nice relaxed look instead of a stuffy look. i get better eye work thisway also.

and lastly- i have had the best luck with McKenzie elk, Jonas was always too big in the shoulders and coulnt get hair patters correct. hope it helps- ira


This response submitted by Drew on 6/24/05 at 12:40 PM. ( )

I am taking the other Jonas form that I bought the same day back tomorrow. I am not using their elk anymore. Over sculpted and the neck swell is un-natural.

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