Corscian Ram Question

Submitted by ryan on 6/29/05 at 3:50 PM. ( )

i just got my first corscian ram back from the tannery. One was in great looking shape and the other looked like it is full of wool balls throught the whole cape. Is this from slippage or is this common and how do i comb it out?
thanks for your help in advance

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Comb them out

This response submitted by MattC on 6/29/05 at 10:26 PM. ( )

It was shedding

I have my best luck "picking" them out.

This response submitted by don on 6/29/05 at 11:00 PM. ( )

I use a wood handled moleling tool that I have that is basicly a small rod with a slight bend in it. I use it to pick those balls of shedding hair out. They usually have some saw dust from tumnbling all rolled up in them too.
I lay the cape out with the hair pointing to me and to the left. I then use my right hand holding the tool like a pencil, and slide the tip under the wad and rotate the the tool upward. You will get the hang of it and it wont take you too long. Dont waist your time cleanning the cut off.

Im with Matt

This response submitted by Hogger on 6/29/05 at 11:19 PM. ( )

Use a regular hair brush with fairly stiff bristles and brush it out. That's dead wool in there from shedding. Apparently I'm not half as patient as Don because I couldn't bear picking the stuff out one at a time. Unless you have a loose hair problem and dont want to lose hair by combing out dead wool.


This response submitted by Rob on 6/29/05 at 11:48 PM. ( )

I have done several Corsican rams and I find it easier to brush it out. I wait untill the mount has fully dried so I don,t loose as much hair with the wool. I like to use a wool cord that people use to comb show sheep. you can get one of them at the feed store. If the wool is thick in places use a stiff bristle brush to get it good and loose before you use the wool cord. The wool cord is kinda ruff on the hair if the wool is really matted in. If the hair is sticking up when you finish just spay on a little hair sheen and brush with a soft bristle brush.

Thanks for all the help

This response submitted by ryan on 6/30/05 at 8:00 AM. ( )

thnaks for the tips

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