Ear reference. Can you.....

Submitted by Bryan on 10/19/05 at 2:29 PM. ( wildlifedesigns@hotmail.com )

Can you take a deer ear and ear butt and freeze dry it without reversing the ear skin? does the ear cartilage curl or distort in any way making it useless for a reference tool?. Thank you.

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This response submitted by dex on 10/19/05 at 5:36 PM. ( )

Try this....take the deer's head and dump some type of hair remover on it...ear's, etc. When the hair is gone, throw into freezer and take out when needed. dex

I will do that two

This response submitted by Bryan on 10/20/05 at 3:51 AM. ( )

I also want one with the ears fur still on it, just to have a visual as to where the hair lines go.

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