Whitetail mounted on too small of a form

Submitted by Brady Ballard on 10/5/05 at 10:56 AM. ( bpb2b@virginia.edu )

I picked up my sons new whitetail mount and brought it home only to find that it has obviously been mounted on too small a form. This was a large 22 point deer and now looks like a doe with a giant head and scrawny neck. Before I go back to the shop that did it can anyone tell me if this can be put on the correct form at this point or should I scrap it and try to get another large cape and begin again. I appreciate any help this belongs to a 13 year old who is extremely upset at this whole mess.

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This response submitted by Becky P on 10/5/05 at 11:44 AM. ( )

Why didn't you mention this to the taxidermist while you were still in his shop?
All the taxidermists that I know (including myself), take measurements from the cape, or if there is enough neck left, a measurement around the meat. I always try to make sure I get a form as close to the same size as possible, as I'm sure others do.
As far as remounting that particular cape, it would depend on how long it was mounted, what type of tan (if any), and what type of adhesive was used.
This really should have been discussed BEFORE you left. Since you accepted it as is, you gave the impression that all was O.K.

Get ready for

This response submitted by Doug on 10/5/05 at 12:30 PM. ( )

a fight. If I were you I would have some pictures with me and some proof that the deer was as big as your mind thinks it was. Just because it was a 20 some point deer, dosent mean it had a big neck. Do you have photos? Did you take any measurements? I think Becky was right, you should have addressed the issue at the taxidermist's shop when you picked it up. You now have paid for and remove the mount from his shop. His contract with you is complete. I am sure you will provide all of those that you know some negitive feedback on this guy. Just do everyone a favor, make sure you have facts to back up your claim.

I have a couple of questions for you. Does the cape look the same as in your pictures? Does the mount have an unusual amount of gathers or puckers in the back of the mount where the stiching is? Does the cape of the mount seem to fit the form?

As for your question for the re-mounting. You may be able to have the cape re-wetted and removed and then remounted, maybe. You can always purchase a larger cape that fits your memory of the original animal and have that mounted with the antlers. Maybe that way you can get the mount to fit the 22 point size deer that you remember.



This response submitted by Brady on 10/5/05 at 1:51 PM. ( bpb2b@virginia.edu )

Becky & Doug
I have some pictures with me that I can e-mail to you if you want. The neck thing doesn't bother me as bad as the mount was supposed to be a half sneek with a left turn in the head. I couldn't remember at the time but I did find the paperwork at home. It came out as an upward U shape that dips right off the shoulder and sweeps to the left with the nose turned down so as to look like a person looking over their glasses. You're right I should have said something right there but I guess I just wasn't paying close attention until I got it where I could stand back and look at that way.

check out your form

This response submitted by mimes on 10/5/05 at 2:27 PM. ( )

Brady Go to the suppliers link at the top of the taxidermy.net home page and find one with a picture of your "half sneek left turn". See if that form matches your current mount. Just so you know, I just mounted a 180 class (yes.....one eighty) buck with a scrawny 19 inch neck. That was how that particular buck was when he came in my shop. You can not stretch a cape 2 to 3 inches and make it bigger. Was your buck in rut or an early season kill? That can make a HUGE difference.


This response submitted by Becky P on 10/5/05 at 2:54 PM. ( )

The form sounds like an aggressive pose(with the headed tilted like that), which usually is a semi-sneak or semi-upright. I've never heard of a "half" sneak. Could it be a semi-sneak?
Pictures of the dead animal may or may not help your case. When an animal is dead the muscles relax and sag. And most people pose the animal with the head turned back towards the shoulder. Both of which will make the neck look bigger than it really is.
How did we get from undersized in your first post to the wrong pose in your second? Sounds to me you are just unsatisfied all the way around.
Send me the before and after pictures. I would like to see what you are talking about. fishon869@aol.com

Before and after deer

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 10/5/05 at 8:01 PM. ( mhoneyATmindspringDOTcom )

Valid points to consider and there is one other possibility---maybe the taxidermist messed the deer up. Lots of new taxidermists are working on customers' deer and are turning out substandard work. Now, I have not a clue who did the work and I can't say that anything was done wrong but many taxidermists are quick to defend our work while we all know some shoddy taxidermy is available. Best thing any customer can do is visit more than one shop to compare more than the price of a mount. If this was a bargin priced job, that would be a clue. Quality tanning may allow for some adjustment but most likely the cape is too short now to be remounted on a larger form if indeed the cape is bigger than the form. Still, a competant taxidermist can usually make a bad situation better if there is anything to work with at all. If this were my customer I would want him to come back to my shop and discuss the points of concern. There is always a way to right the situation. Good luck with resolving this-Aaron H.

Just an opinion..for what it's worth

This response submitted by TC on 10/6/05 at 1:51 PM. ( )

Go locate a quality Taxidermist in you area...look at his work. Ideally look at a deer that he mounted that is in the same pose as you'd like to have the deer mounted (actually in your case remounted)in.

Then show him the photos of the deer and ask the taxidermist to get you a cape that looks comparable size wise (and hopefully color wise...large white throat patch versus minimal or no throat patch). And have it re-done....because if you don't..you'll look at the mount and have bad memories forever. Be prepareed to pay for the cape and a decent mount.

Good Luck

whitetail on to small of form

This response submitted by steve on 10/7/05 at 11:02 PM. ( )

Brady, if you want me to take a look at it, give me a call. You know
who I am, I'm just down the road. I would like to see if I can help.

whitetail on to small of form

This response submitted by steve on 10/7/05 at 11:03 PM. ( )

Brady, if you want me to take a look at it, give me a call. You know
who I am, I'm just down the road. I would like to see if I can help.

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