Javelina Open mouth

Submitted by Dusty on 10/10/05 at 5:29 PM. ( )

Looking for some help with my first open mouth javelina. The problem is I do not know the proper colors and or mixes to make his mouth look realistic any help in the painting and colors to use would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the help!

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This response submitted by Dal on 10/10/05 at 9:48 PM. ( dedunagan@earthlink.net )

Hey Dusty; Get yourself the issue 20 of Breakthrough Magazine and the 2004 May/June issue of Taxidermy Today and get froggy with it;jump all over it.

Dont paint it like most are!

This response submitted by Don on 10/11/05 at 1:32 PM. ( )

Please dont paint the nose black and the inside of the mouth pink!
They are very much cream color inside and on the lips. The nose can start with that same cream color and then darkened, top to bottom with a light brown. Keep the nostrils cream.

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