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In one of my previous posts, someone replied that you could explain what a whitetail's pupil does when he has his head tilted extremely upward (almost vertical). Does it stay parallel to the ground or stay at the same anlge as when the head is held normally. If you coul enlighten me, it would be greatly appreciated.


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As A General Rule Of Thumb......

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.....When a whitetail's head(nose) goes up the pupil stays parallel to the jaw line. When the head goes down the pupil stays parallel to the ground. There could be exceptions, depending on what the deer is focusing on.

I have

This response submitted by Becky P on 1/9/06 at 9:07 PM. ( fishon869ATaolDOTcom )

a clear picture if you want to see it for yourself. BP

there ya go

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They beat me to it with accurate info! You guys dont need to even ask this stuff, just look at your pics, or even go look at a goat. A goat works well because of the light colored iris makes the pupil so easy to see. Good luck!

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