I just want to tan some hides...any hints?

Submitted by Angela on 1/9/06 at 10:41 PM. ( )

This is my first year hunting and trapping. Most of my hides will go to auction but I would like to tan a few possum, mink, racoon and deer.. any hints?

Thanks Angela

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This response submitted by snoop around on 1/10/06 at 2:05 AM. ( )

hear is a hint. The orange button on the left here.

Another hint

This response submitted by Brett on 1/30/06 at 10:03 AM. ( )

You should have posted in the Tanning section...NOT THE GAMEHEAD SECTION! Too late now. Anyways try an alum salt paste. Put in Equal parts of salt and alum and then about 2 times as much water. Nuke it for about 15 seconds and then add flour until it has the consisticy of jelly. Apply to all parts of skin (Tack to a board first...use very small nails) and then let dry. Drying takes about 2-7 days depending on your climate. The longer it stays on, the softer the skin gets. Scrape off. A spoon works nice. Apply the paste again if desired. The more applications of the paste, the softer the skin gets. Always clean off the skin from previous paste application before you apply more. Tumble the skin when you think you've applied the paste enough. Or you could soften them out by hand. Trim edges of skin. The skin should come out nicely. Degrease the skin first if needed. Racoons need it for sure. Good luck!

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