Dall Horns

Submitted by Jay on 1/12/06 at 8:56 PM. ( )

Have a Dall Scull with horns that has been cleaned and left to sit for a couple months. Can I boil to remove horns even thouhg it has dried?

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This response submitted by George on 1/12/06 at 10:08 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

Just watch them closely. When the membrane around the horn softens, take the horns out and cut it with a sharp knife or scalpel. Then put it back and every 10 minutes, pull them out and attempt to remove them from the cores. DO NOT WALK AWAY. As soon as they both slip off, set them aside and cut the cores off about half way down. DP both the core and the horns and slip the horns back on the cores. Allow to dry. This way, you can remove the horns when you're ready to mount and reinstall them after you mount. Otherwise, you're going to end up reboiling the horns so they will slip over the cores.

Thank You

This response submitted by Jay on 1/13/06 at 8:25 AM. ( )

I appreciate the help.

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