i love Epo-Grip but.......

Submitted by Orion on 1/12/06 at 11:07 PM. ( orionshunting@msn.com )

i just hate when it drips. and when it dries to fast. anyone experience this? i was mounting a sheep yesterday when i noticed that the hide paste was drying fast. i tan all my hides with the auto tanner, do all my final fleshing, then oil after. let sit over night wipe off excess oil (if theres any) and mount. i always use to add the oil into the drum but i just recently changed my proceedures. when mounting the sheep the hide paste was drying to fast not allowing me to taxi the skin.
while working on the sheep the hide paste was just dripping alot too. so today i needed to mount a mouflon. i washed the cape, spinned dryed it, and began to work on it. now since i had a problem with my hide paste dripping i added cabosil to thicken it. i didnt have no problems with it drying to fast or dripping!
my ?'s- do you think the oil is reacting with the hide paste?
- since i added cabosil to the hide paste do you think that it would alter the bonding properties?

i also forgot to mention that it's the water base type im using. i do scratch the forms. and when you add cabosil it's like using the epoxy hide paste (non-dripping) but with the working time as the water base!

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This response submitted by Steve Steinbring/Epo-Grip on 1/13/06 at 11:46 AM. ( )

Its been our experience that most taxidermists are used to using more product than whats required with Epo-Grip Waterbase Hide Adhesive. All thats needed is a thin layer of Epo-Grip to be effective.

A good tool for applying our waterbase product is to take an old bondo squeegee cut with pinking shears along the flexible thin side then dog ear one corner for detail areas. This method allows the material to be applied evenly in a thin layer.

Also if your cape is a bit too wet the water will want to drain down into the brisket area along with the glue, its hard to fight gravity.

Give me a call we'll be glad to discuss and help with any questions you may have. 800-888-2467.

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