Russian Boar

Submitted by Jim on 1/16/06 at 8:05 PM. ( )

What is the best way to thaw out a frozen Pig head on a cape without worring about bacteria setting in or future slippage.

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This response submitted by MattC on 1/16/06 at 8:10 PM. ( )

Having handled thousands of boar capes over the years I can honestly say that a boar cape is one of the hrdest animals to have slip on you.

As long as you keep it out of direct hear it should be ready to cape in a couple of days and be jsut fine.

You cant lose them as fast as a deer cape.

Thank you Matt

This response submitted by George on 1/16/06 at 8:52 PM. ( )

I've said the same thing but people always looked at me like I was crazy. I honestly don't think they're capable of "slipping". One guy I know lays the caped out pig over a fence for a week before fleshing. He says it "loosens up the sheath and fat". I think it just rots. LOL

I have had boar

This response submitted by Tenbears on 1/17/06 at 12:21 AM. ( )

Come in that made the trip from Florida, in the back of a pick up. after they drove around Jacksonville all week. Believe it or not. the outer most derma on the muzzle sluffed, but every hair or should I say bristle stayed in place


This response submitted by Hogger on 1/17/06 at 7:07 AM. ( )

I've done tons of'em. The outer dermis will slip, but the hair just wont. Those damn folicles are so deep in the skin.


This response submitted by Jim on 1/18/06 at 10:35 PM. ( )

Thanks guys I need all the help i can get on these first two pigs

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