Aoudad sheep

Submitted by Bobbi Meyer on 1/21/06 at 12:03 AM. ( )

I will be receiving two aoudad sheep in a couple months and wonder if there is anything particularly difficult about them?
I know that I will have to remove the horns, cut the horn core shorter and treat the horn sheaths. Which I figure will probably be the hardest part.
I've read the archives and there are about as many opinions as there are taxidermists ! LOL
So my main question is how to clean the horn sheaths and what should I treat them with?

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This response submitted by Rob on 1/21/06 at 12:47 AM. ( )

Once you get them off wash them a couple of times with some Lysol water. It may take a couple of times to get all the smell out.
Cut the cores about 4-5 inches from the skull. If the caps have cracks in them you may have to take a 4 " grinder and grind the cores diameter a little. If they fit loose just drill a small hole in the back were it can not be seen through the cap and into the core then insert a small screw to hold them in place.

Hope this helps

Rob from Louisiana


This response submitted by Matt on 1/21/06 at 10:04 PM. ( )

I just mounted a huge lifesize aoudad and before I remove any horns from the cores, I drill a small hole in three different places along the base of the horns. This will help you line up the horns correctly on the cores once they are removed and put back on. You will probably have to sand down the cores once the horns are removed and dried out. Test fit them and make sure your holes line back up. If you don't re-align the horns you will have to rebuild the base of the horns to the hair base at the base of the horns. Hopes this helps and good luck.

no need to drill

This response submitted by Nate on 2/2/06 at 6:19 PM. ( )

Why would you want to mess up the horn caps by drilling them, then have to worry about hideing the holes or screwheads. After removeing the caps and cleaning the cores and skull plate, just mix up some bondo put it into the caps and put them back onto the cores. Use laquer thinner to wipe away any excess that pushes out around the bases. I've done this with a 1/2 lifesized audad, and several antelope.

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