Template for European Elk Plaque?

Submitted by Chris on 1/21/06 at 2:48 PM. ( )

Curious if anyone has a template that's "emailable". I'm wondering if I can do the type that has a panel at an angle to the wall plate or if I'll need to go flat against the wall.

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Not needed

This response submitted by Skullery....Jeff on 1/21/06 at 4:35 PM. ( )

All the elk i skull mount for people i just run a wire through the back and hang it on a hook. A plaque is really not needed and saves you some money and hassle unless of course it is your preference. As far as mounting it at an angle i don't think would work in most cases as the antlers would be hitting the wall. Now when you talk deer i do plaque them and do the 45 degree angle from the wall too.

this one was passed on to me so I'll ..

This response submitted by Randy M on 1/21/06 at 9:36 PM. ( )

pass it on. Take a small can and drill a hole in the middle. Put the skull on stiff white paper or cardboard. Put a pencil in the hole of the can and trace around the skull. It makes a nice custom plaque template. Use it on wood of choice and finish edges with an ogee bit on your router.

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