Huge antler on EBAY legit?

Submitted by Ted on 1/22/06 at 12:14 AM. ( )

I saw some huge deer antlers on ebay that were selling for $5,400. The same person had other record sized antlers too. Just wondering does anybody remember the traveling display of record deer heads that was stolen? It just made me suspicious to see the same person selling more than one "once in a lifetime" set of antlers.

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there are a lot of collectors

This response submitted by terryr on 1/22/06 at 9:55 AM. ( )

paying huge dollars for antlers - if you are that suspious (as opposed to jealous) maybe you should 'turn him in'

If it is Northernantlers

This response submitted by Brad on 1/22/06 at 10:58 AM. ( )

If it is the same person I think it is they have changed their
e-bay name about 3 times in the last couple years .

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