hide glue

Submitted by calli on 1/22/06 at 1:16 PM. ( )

I bought a gal. of Ben Mears hide paste and it looks and smells like regular flooring adheasive. Wonder if there is any other chemical added?

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You too?

This response submitted by Mr.T on 1/22/06 at 1:49 PM. ( )

I purchased some adhesive from a different company, and I thought the same thing. Maybe linoleum installers somewhere are using hide paste.


This response submitted by Wally on 1/22/06 at 2:17 PM. ( muthagoose@hotmail.com )

Aint it funny how ya put a different lable on things and taxidermist buy it.......


This response submitted by RJ on 1/22/06 at 9:54 PM. ( )

I used to lay some flooring and the first time I smelled this "hide paste" I knew what it was. Just like the first time I smelled WASCO's "fin backing cream". HAAA!

Guys, look at it from the other side

This response submitted by George on 1/22/06 at 11:18 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

How many times have you seen some dimbulb come on here and ask, "Can I use Liquid Nails for earliner adhesive", or how about "Where can I buy some good glue without going through the suppliers". Or "What type of salt do I need?" Or "Can I use hot glue to hold felt on rugs?" They're just catering to idiots and we seem to have an overabundance of them here. they put a label over "Acrylic Floor Paste" that says "Taxidermy Hide Paste". That way the guy never gets the two confused by using the wrong glue in the wrong place.

You guys got it all wrong!

This response submitted by Hedhuntr on 1/23/06 at 8:43 PM. ( )

The hide paste you are refering to is different! The one used for taxidermy has a thicker metal handle so when your up till 3AM mounting gameheads you don't drop it and get it all over the place!

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