Bugling Elk or not

Submitted by The Huntress on 1/22/06 at 3:08 PM. ( celestegovernale@yahoo.com )

Hello every one
During the last hunting season I saved my deer and elk capes.I just finished the mule dear, which was by the way my fist mount. I am ready to mount the elk now, but I had some problems with the deer, esspecialy with the ears. To help me on my elk mount I want to buy a video and Van Dykes has a bugling elk video. So should I buy this video and mount the elk bugeling or will it be way too much trouble for my second mount ( I want the video so I can do this mount right, the deer looks good but it still has major things wrong with it, Im hoping the video will just guide me right along but I don't knwo)
Have any of you seen this video? Is it good?
Should I mount a bugeling elk or no?
I really epeciate any comment you guys could give to help me
AKA The Huntress

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videos help

This response submitted by Mr.T on 1/22/06 at 4:00 PM. ( )

Videos help, but they do not tell you what you did wrong. You're tenth and fifteenth or even the twentieth mount will have the same major flaws unless you see somebody that can help you before you do more mistakes. Watching a pro do it in person is better than a video. Not that you cant do what you want to do with videos, but you may want to do a weekend class with a taxidermist from you're States association before you make mistakes into habits. It would be a better investment than a video.


This response submitted by George on 1/22/06 at 5:44 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

This is OPINION, but the bugling elk is sort of a dorky mount. There, in perpetuity, is a magnificent specimen holding its mouth open and making no sound. Just MY OPINION, however.

It is Very Difficult

This response submitted by Tenbears on 1/22/06 at 9:41 PM. ( )

To mount a bugling elk. as in order to bugle they must be alive. and they kick the crap out of you when you try to mount.

Is it hard

This response submitted by Huntress on 1/23/06 at 3:27 PM. ( )

Ha ha very funny " it is very Difficult" It seems as though that was a sick joke.

Has anyone done a bugeling elk? Is It hard?

By the way thanks for your comments, much appreciated


This response submitted by Tenbears on 1/23/06 at 4:58 PM. ( )

I did not mean to offend. My wife just clued me in as to why you thought it was a sick Joke. I had totally missed that aspect. I am an equestrian so My Mind travels a different road than your apparently.
Since you much prefer Tenbears Logic. Rather than humor. I think it is easy. however our company logo is a bugling elk, as such I have done many. Including the one on display in our showroom, which actually bugles when someone walks in front of it.
To capture a bugling elk requires one to be intimately familiar with the elk, there are many subtle nuances to an elk when it is bugling. If quality reference Photos can be acquired. then anyone with an eye for detail. Can reproduce the look. However the eyes require a great deal of attention. Because, That is the part that makes them look dorky, as George put it. a great many experianced Taxidermist have trouble capturing a bugling elk. so for the average beginner I would not recomend doing one. However, I have met a few people that seem to be able to do exsacting work in spite of being novices. so I think it is really a decision you yourself should make based on your own confidence, and skill leavel.


This response submitted by Justin on 1/24/06 at 3:19 AM. ( )

If your serious about taxidermy and plan on taking the next step, do the bugeling mount. What's it going to hurt? Find good reference photos, examine them in very explicit detail. Guess what it might turn out OK and it might not. Reagrdless, it was a learning experience for. That all in its self is more than videos or watching profesionals. Don't get me wrong they are very helpful, but first things first, get your hand dirty. Learn by your mistakes.Taxidermy can be very intimidating, don't let it be.
DO THE BUGEL and learn from it.

It's like any other

This response submitted by Todd on 1/24/06 at 11:31 PM. ( sawtoothtaxidermy@netzero.net )

open mouth critter. Reference photos are key. A bulls mouth, when bugling, has alot of different shapes. The upper lip can be shaped like an upside down v and the nose will be positioned way over the top with alot of wrinkle or it can be shaped more like a stag roaring. It all depends on what part of the bugle he's in. Look at some pictures and duplicate the one that has more eye appeal to you. It's your mount have fun

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