shipping capes to canada?

Submitted by ronnie on 1/27/06 at 2:47 PM. ( )

is there any laws on this i need to know about. can i ship tanned hides to canada. and is there a charge other than the shipping costs? and what about on the canada side, is there anything they need to do to recieve these? thanks

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call 1-800-344-WILD between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM Eastern Time

This response submitted by Joey Arender on 1/27/06 at 3:11 PM. ( )

Get it straight from the horses mouth. I recently had a guy tell me the transaction I was wanting to make was legal. I decided to check myself, with the state he is in and guess what it was not. Why chance it life is not worth the trouble you could get into no matter how small it may be. beside breaking the law just ain't right even if it is a stupid one... Atleast that is my opionin.


This response submitted by B on 1/28/06 at 12:23 AM. ( )

Who do you get with that Phone number Is it national, Or just for one state? Thanks, Brian Masters

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