Hey George What do you think?

Submitted by Mark on 1/28/06 at 9:19 AM. ( )

I have been contracted to mount an Irish Dexter bull, according to the measurements I'm thinking of using a smaller sized buffalo mannikin which will need alterations, but I have not found any other mannikins that are as close as the buffalo. So have any suggestions, or have experience mounting dexter bulls.

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Not one bit Mark

This response submitted by George on 1/28/06 at 10:06 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )

But I do hope you have access to the animal when it's put down and before they start skinning. I'd have a TON of measurements from girths to leg lengths to lower legs as well as head and neck. I'd take as many pictures as I'd get. When you go into altering an unmatched species form, you're going to need every one of them you can get.


This response submitted by Mark on 1/28/06 at 11:38 AM. ( )

I was called out to the ladies farm to cape the animal out, before doing so I got plenty of measurements and have the skull of the original animal. I have done plenty of alterations for size and pose
but this is the first time i've run into something that is I guess (not commonly mounted). I think i'm well prepared with measurements and pictures of the general anatomy, but wonder if there was a mannikin out there that would be closer matched. Well thank-you for your response, if you should find something please let me know.

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