my first pronghorn need help

Submitted by g5 on 1/8/06 at 2:03 PM. ( )

ive got my first pronghorn nad was needing to know what are the two nobs between the horns and the ears. theyre like two new horns coming in.

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g5, what are you talking about?

This response submitted by George on 1/8/06 at 4:14 PM. ( )

No pronghorn I ever mounted had anything like that.

4 horned pronghorn

This response submitted by mike d on 1/8/06 at 7:47 PM. ( )

Not as uncommon as you might think!
I do about 30 to 35 goats a year and probably 1/3
of them have extra "horns".
There is a bone knob right behind the horn that they grow over.
Pronghorn can have extra "horns" most anywhere on their heads;
I have mounted a bunch with these 1" nubs behind the ears.
They usually are not any longer than the hair around them, so are not visible until you start looking the head over after the animal is down.
The oddest one I ever did had a 1 1/2" horn on the bridge of the nose, like a rhino!

Strange fact, Mike

This response submitted by George on 1/8/06 at 9:00 PM. ( )

I never knew that. Thank you very much.


This response submitted by paul k on 1/8/06 at 11:25 PM. ( )

Just finished one, no knobs but it did have spur type things on the skull plate behind the existing horns. Right on top of where these spurs are located the hair patterns seem to swirl and colic somewhat, the cloration is different at these colics also. I dont get a lot of prong horns to do here in PA. but find it indeed ironic that this issue is brought to light just as I experienced it. WOW

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